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From Courage to Change of January 17;

Anyone who watched my interactions with the alcoholics in my life probably would have considered me the crazy one. I was the one who searched from bar to bar, made scenes in public places, and got hysterical over little things. I was also the one who agonized over the alcoholics’s behavior, lied, made apologies and excuses, and resented everything I was doing. Was this same?

Al-Anon was the first place where I ever thought to question my own sanity. I found that I couldn’t overcome the effects of this disease by force of will or reason. As they say, my best thinking got me here. But Al-Anon’s Second Step suggested that a Higher Power could restore me to sanity.

I knew that I felt more rational in an Al-Anon meeting than I did at any other time, and so I turned for help to the Power that seemed to flow through those meetings. From time to time I still have my irrational moments, but I no longer blame my erratic behavior on anyone else. I now know exactly where to turn when I am ready to find sanity once more.

Today’s Reminder

Today I will focus on my own behavior, If it could stand some improvement, I will ask a Power greater than myself for help.

“If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.” ~ Ancient Chinese proverb


END OF QUOTE————————————————


Fear makes me crazy. I have played the part of hero in a story with no narration or plot. Can I stop the self-destruction of those I love? Not without their consent. Isn’t it possible to raise my crazy to a frequency that will override theirs? Doing nothing in the face of perpetual tragedies and humiliations is unacceptable.

Yes, indeed it is. I must work hard. On me.

It seems to me that when I connect with my Higher Power and gain some sanity in my own life, it gives those close to me permission to do the same. I cannot save them, but I can improve their chances by trusting the process of personal transformation through truthful self-evaluation and connecting to a community invested in my sanity, not my crazy.

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“The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting. The more joyful you are, the more Well-Being flows to you-and you get to choose the details of how it flows.” – Abraham & Esther Hicks.



I think that we should consider the impact of big circle – little circle. When we put our energy out as an act of individual will, it should be in a well-established little circle, a place where our organic structure has labored and our hearts have directly and consistently invested. When an individual attempts to put the energy of their will into a big circle, it gets diffused for lack of anchors provided by heart-work. It also comes into the criss-crossing patterns of other individual and more potent group wills. I believe even your pet, or a wild animal, may be putting out such energy. If we feel the need to impact a larger circle, then it must be a group effort and preferably led by one who has invested in that arena. If we seek to expand our own circle, we must expand our consistent discipline and work. If work makes you unhappy, then you must learn to be content with a smaller circle. God, Source, Universe will move mountains for your Faith, but Faith without works is dead. He will move a mountain but wants you to bring a shovel for Him to empower.

This was something I wrote two years ago today. Facebook gave it back to me today. Isn’t it funny when God uses your own words to speak to you? So I am giving them away to you so that I will get to keep them. I hope it is helpful.

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From Courage to Change of January 16;

There was a time when, if a thought entered my mind, it automatically came out of my mouth. Even if I wasn’t sure that what I was saying was true, the words poured out of me. In Al-Anon I have learned to “Think” before I speak.

When I’m tempted to respond to angry accusations with accusations of my own, I stop and “Think.” When I have an urge to betray a confidence, to gossip, or to tell something extremely personal to a total stranger, I stop and “Think.” And when my opinion about another person’s business has not been requested, I take the time to “Think” before I get involved. That way I make a conscious choice about how I will respond.

Perhaps I will decide to say nothing, or choose a more tactful way to proceed, or question whether I really mean what I have been thinking. I may decide that this is not an appropriate place to discuss what is on my mond. Or I amy choose to go right ahead and speak up in a very direct manner. Regardless of which option I select, today I am willing to accept the consequences of my actions because I have taken the time to make a choice.

Today’s Reminder

Today I will let my words serve my best interests. I will choose them with care.

“I don’t let my mouth say nothin’ my head can’t stand.” ~ Louis Armstrong


END OF QUOTE——————————————–


This is one of the early AA slogans along with “Easy Does It” and “One Day at a Time.” I have heard many interpretations of its meaning and speculations of its history. Because the quote capitalizes and puts in quotes the word “Think,” I imagine the author of those words is making reference to this slogan.

I have been told that the reason the iteration of think in the center of the quote is larger than the other two and has a large red T is because this represents a supernatural form of thinking guided by union with one’s Higher Power. It was common to red letter words spoken by God in the Bible, and this follows that idea.

I then go back to the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous to find a description of the type of thinking this slogan is talking about:

FIRST THINK: (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 86)

“On awakening let us think about the twenty-four hours ahead. We consider our plans for the day. Before we begin, we ask God to direct our thinking, especially asking that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonest or self-seeking motives. Under these conditions we can employ our mental faculties with assurance, for after all God gave us brains to use. Our thought-life will be placed on a much higher plane when our thinking is cleared of wrong motives.”

SECOND SUPERNATURAL THINK: (Alcoholics Anonymous, pages 86 – 87)

“In thinking about our day we may face indecision. We may not be able to determine which course to take. Here we ask God for inspiration, an intuitive thought or a decision. We relax and take it easy. We don’t struggle. We are often surprised how the right answers come after we have tried this for a while. What used to be the hunch or the occasional inspiration gradually becomes a working part of the mind. Being still inexperienced and having just made conscious contact with God, it is not probable that we are going to be inspired at all times. We might pay for this presumption in all sorts of absurd actions and ideas. Nevertheless, we find that our thinking will, as time passes, be more and more on the plane of inspiration. We come to rely upon it.”

THIRD THINK: (Alcoholics Anonymous, pages 87 – 88)

“As we go through the day we pause, when agitated or doubtful, and ask for the right thought or action. We constantly remind ourselves we are no longer running the show, humbly saying to ourselves many times each day “Thy will be done.” We are then in much less danger of excitement, fear, anger, worry, self-pity, or foolish decisions. We become much more efficient. We do not tire so easily, for we are not burning up energy foolishly as we did when we were trying to arrange life to suit ourselves.”

I suppose this is my very favorite part of the Big Book because it provides a discipline for thought transformation through the development of a two way communication with my Higher Power. It really doesn’t matter what I call that infinite entity that pervades the Universe and yet seems to care about me and the unfolding of my life. The labels I put on GOMU (God of My Understanding) tell more about me than about that strange Lover of my life. The will of GOMU is to transform in thought and action through conscience contact. May we all find our way to “Think … Think … Think.”

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From Courage to Change of January 15;

Recently I learned about a crisis in the life of an alcoholic I love. Today, while trying to work, I found myself slumping n my chair, depressed and distracted. Soon, all thoughts of work had fled, and I was busy projecting a horrible outcome to my loved one’s crisis and dreading the ways in which the consequences might affect me. The slogan, “One Day at a Time” reminds me that, in spite of my fears, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Why am I leaping into the future? Perhaps I’ve given my feelings no room to exist. Part of me gambles that by worrying in advance, bad news will be easier to face if it comes. But worrying will not protect me from the future. It will just keep me from living here and now.

Today’s Reminder

I needn’t explore how I’ll feel about something that might occur in the future. I don’t actually know how I’ll feel, and it may never happen. So when I feel myself leaving the present, I’ll remind myself that the future is not today’s problem.

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow; it only saps today of its strength.” ~ A.J. Cronin


END OF QUOTE————————————————-

horse on tide

When I am outside of my comfort zone, anxiety comes. When shadow dragons inflame me with visions of darkness and uncertainty, my adrenal pumps. Fear is the primeval emotion, the oldest this physical body knows. When I love others who are vulnerable to risks they are undertaking, I worry.

As long as worry does not paralyze me, I will pass through it and continue to live. It will come and go like the ocean’s tide. Rumination is letting it paralyze me from daily living. Progress is living anyway, as a way of processing such negative emotions. Perfection is death, the rejection of my humanity. I seek progress, not perfection.

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From Courage to Change of January 14;

I learned in Al-Anon that I’m bound to fail to make someone else stop drinking because I am powerless over alcoholism. Others in the fellowship had failed as well, yet they seemed almost happy to admit it. In time I understood: By letting go of this battle we were sure to lose, we became free.

Gradually I learned that nothing I did or did not do would convince my loved one to get sober. I understood intellectually, but it took time before I believed it in my heart. Frequent Al-Anon meetings, phone calls, and reading of Al-Anon literature were indispensable to his learning process.

Later, when my loved one chose sobriety, I found new ways to apply this principle of powerlessness. Although I was tempted to check upon the number of meetings attended and to protect the alcoholic from anything upsetting, I had accepted that nothing I could do would make or break another person’s sobriety. After a while, I saw that my fears had little to do with the alcoholic. Instead, they indicated that I needed to work my program.

Today’s Reminder

When I am able to admit that I am powerless over alcohol, my life becomes more manageable. Today I will take the path t personal freedom and serenity that begins when I surrender.

“Our spiritual growth is unlimited and our reward endless if we try to bring this program into every phase of our daily lives.” ~ The Twelve Steps and Traditions


END OF QUOTE———————————————————-


I am a double dipper being both qualified for Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon. The concept of powerlessness was first limited to my personal struggle. Yet this powerlessness seems to be a spiritual principle quite similar to anonymity. I have considered this from time to time, but Al-Anon takes it to another level for me. It is not just my alcoholism I am powerless over. This is a paradoxical process of becoming free, and the process is advanced when my general meditation on powerlessness finds specific manifestations in my daily living. I am going to sit on this concept in the hope of hatching a new level of spiritual freedom.

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“I’ve never been good at making friends; I’ve always been good at making strangers.” ~ Katie H.

May you finally rest in peace. May 1st, 2016.

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From Courage to Change of January 13;

Al-Anon gives me great spiritual freedom because it encourages me to find a personal understanding of God, and to allow others the same freedom. Until I could think of God in terms that were meaningful to me, I was not able to truly turn my life over to a Higher Power.

My concept of God evolves. It changes and grows as I continue to change and grow. How wonderful it is, for I now sense a Higher Power that is as alive as I am! Never in my life did I dream of finding such a source of serenity, courage, and wisdom.

There is a sense of unique purpose to my journey through life. I am the only one who can live it, and I need the help of the God of my understanding in order to live it fully. Grounded in faith, I can hold tight to my course and meet the future with confidence.

Today’s Reminder

Once upon a time I was afraid to live life for myself. This was because I did not know how to do it and thought that there was no one to show me. Now I have a resource deep within me to guide me along life’s many roads. I am not alone on my journey.

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”  ~ Albert Camus


END OF QUOTE————————————————–

I do not have what I would call real spiritual freedom. I have negative spiritual freedom. Freedom from “us and them.” Freedom from perpetual social guilt. Freedom from the fearful censorship of ideas that might damn me. Freedom from that need to prove I am willing to save the world and freedom from the desperation of self-castigation necessary to catch God’s attention.

For me, real spiritual freedom is positive. It is the freedom to do something with my life. It is the freedom to find or create meaning in my daily living. It is the freedom to establish contact beyond the fleshly veil and walk between the worlds. I seek such a fantastic existence without repentance to realism. I stay open and embrace the possibility of all forms of communication beyond my understanding into the spirit realm, that which is not bound to the inevitability of death.


Sisyphus knew the punishment of the gods. His labors were senseless and his efforts were futile. So the God of his understanding was actually the boulder he was damned to push up the mountain. The punishing gods had made themselves irrelevant in their subject’s life. It was a God of guilt in the form of a boulder that defined his existence.

If you look closer his muscles have grown tight and powerfully hard. His callouses make him unflinching in the broken stone face of his labors. Finally the gods will relent and give him the gift of failing.

As I see him walk away from an obsession that ruled his life, I do not know how to finish the story. Spending your life ascending the mountaintop makes the journey in its shadow one of great uncertainty.

Living within me is a God of great relevance. This story is currently being written in the rooms of Al-Anon and Alcoholics Anonymous. That uncertainty is the result of an active mind exploring the possibility of freedom.

My persistent energy forges a new path.


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